Image Product Features Price
S-TEK USB 2.0 to Mini 5-pin 0.8metr
S-TEK USB 2.0 to Printer USB 2.0 to LPT printer (CN36)
S-TEK USB 2.0 to RS232+25pin USB 2.0 to RS232 9pin + 25pin LPT
S-TEK USB 2.0 to Serial USB 2.0 to 9pin RS232 male
S-TEK UTP Cat 5E 100metr
S-TEK UTP Cat 5E 305metr
S-TEK UTP Cat 6E 100metr
S-TEK UTP Cat 6E 305metr
LOGITECH MK220 Compact keyboard and mouse wireless combo
LOGITECH MK260 Wireless Combo with Keyboard and Mouse